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Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders
Episode #2 - Paul Alders
April 17, 2018 Paul Alders
I sit down for my first full-length interview with my Father, Paul Alders. We discuss growing up in Brooklyn in the 50's and 60's. He discusses what it was like being raised by a strict tough father, how navigating the city with his friends helped to build his character and how he avoided major trouble that some of his friends got into. From there we cover how he went from hard labor, to putting himself through college at night, a variety of jobs he had and eventually how he got into the sales business. That decision led him down a path of running a multi-million dollar sales repping agency for almost 30 years. We discuss how some of his life experiences helped him become the man, father and grandfather he is today. How he was able to raise two loving sons (I'm one of them lol) and helped them to both become successful business owners. We discuss how martial arts came into the mix which heavily influenced me and much more. We really need to do a follow up episode but I thought there's no better way to officially kick off our podcast then to start with the man who's had and continues to have the largest influence in my life. Enjoy listening to a brief history and stories from Life's Black Belt, Mr. Paul Alders.
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