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Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders
Episode #3 - Mark Sisom
April 23, 2018 Mark Sisom
In this episode I sit down with Mark Sisom. Mark highlights his life growing up with a Green Beret as a father and how his dad instilled tremendous character traits in him that he still uses today. He discusses how he transitioned from playing Baseball and Hockey at a competitive level to getting into martial arts. How his parents divorce led to him moving to southern NJ which introduced him to a world of Art, Surf and Skateboarding. He discusses getting more involved with graphic design which eventually led him to running an international surf, skate and snowboarding magazine. He overcame that company closing and ended up getting involved with a Band, Barry and the Penetrators which also became a successful band with 3 Albums, radio play and national recognition. We cover how he's been able to maintain a loving marriage and from his love he met in college, raising teenage girls and much more. We cover so much in a short time and have so much more to cover in a future podcast. We hope you enjoy this episode with Life's Black Belt, Mark Sisom.
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