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Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders
Episode #12 - Life’s Stripes Series: Eric Alders
July 22, 2018 Eric Alders
If you’ve listened to past episodes, you know that my podcast focuses on an individuals story. How their life’s journey is similar to the martial artist’s journey towards Black Belt and beyond. Through these episodes I’ve highlighted stories that have shaped my guests into the people they are today. I thought it would be interesting to offer episodes in addition to our full interviews that go more into more detail of these impactful events. Stories of the past or present that substantially stand out and have a deep impact on your life. In martial arts these lessons often come from hard work, consistency, overcoming adversity and learning more about yourself in each class. As the instructor sees that you have learned the next set of lessons that they set out for you, that’s when you earn a stripe. Get enough stripes and you move up in rank. If you look at your timeline in life you can probably pick out multiple “bookmarks” of moments and memories that stand out to you. The moments that shape us, that we can remember in detail and that teach us the greatest lessons in life from good and bad experiences. These are “Life’s Stripes.” In these special episodes I will highlight specific stories on my guests or myself. My hope is that these stories will help inspire you to reflect on your own life’s experiences and the lessons you’ve learned from them. After all, your outloook on life is all about perspective. On this episode I highlight my knee injuries that led to my recent ACL and Meniscus surgery on July 11, 2018. What the experience has been like so far and how I’m mentally dealing with recovery and the future therapy and long road to recovery that awaits. I thought it would be interesting to not only feature stories of the past but also ones that are current as well. I hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback on the Facebook or Instagram page. Email is Please also give us a positive rating on iTunes and Facebook.
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