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Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders
Episode #14 - Scott St. John
August 09, 2018 Scott St. John
Today's Life's Black Belt is Scott St. John. Scott's positive energy is contagious and after listening to this interview you're going to want to start setting and achieving your goals right away. Scott, along with his wife Laura, own Pearl Street Fitness in Colorado he is one of the top business leaders in Isagenix, he is one of the select few chosen to be on Team Isagenix (an elite group of athletic leaders), runs a very successful health and fitness group on Facebook called "Strong. Confident. Living" which has over 35,000 followers and puts out a daily and free, 15-minute World Wide Workout on Facebook. In addition to being a successful business owner, he is also a successful father, husband and community leader. We discuss his life growing up, important life lessons he learned from his grandfather, meeting his future wife in college and knowing he would marry her before they started dating and how he has grown his business over the years. Scott discusses his passion for giving back to the community and teaching people how to become the best versions of themselves in fitness, nutrition and life overall. He adds a ton of life advice as well. I hope you enjoy today's episode. Follow Scott on Facebook: "Strong. Confident. Living" Group - "World Wide Workout" Check him out online at and Follow up Instagram: @scott_stjohn44 and @strongconfidentliving
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