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Life’s Black Belts with Eric Alders
Episode #15 - Ken Schumacher
August 27, 2018 Ken Schumacher
Today's Life's Black Belt is Ken Schumacher. Ken has a great story of perseverance and constantly pursuing your passion in life. How to never be afraid to fail and to always try new things in your life. He learned this through his involvement in school sports, where he wasn't the natural athlete but found success through his hard work and surrounding himself by people that were better then him. School sports led to a love for music, where he had a natural gift, and eventually joined a band where he was 6-8 years their junior. Again through this experience Ken discusses how not being the best motivated him to work harder and prove himself, which he did. Ken does discuss some challenges he had goofing off in school and almost failing out of high school. Fortunately a school administrator recognized he wasn't living up to his potential and he challenged Ken to get all A's in order to graduate, which he did. From then on he had a consistent love for learning and bettering himself. He tried many careers, lots of side projects and never truly found his passion. Then he met the love of his life and they were engaged a year later. Ken discusses what it takes to maintain a successful marriage and that life is not perfect. That it takes commitment, trust and understanding from both partners. He stood by his wife side as she battled and overcame cancer. This truly brought them closer together. Having move across the country together to Texas, Ken wanted to pursue his creativity and began a custom furniture company. The were many growing pains, he had to break away from his original partners and founded KS Woodcraft. They now have an expanding staff with sales Nation wide. With major clients such as AT&T, Starbucks and more Ken recently caught the attention of a high profile designer that will be featuring his work in 2019 on HGTV. It's a wonderful story of sticking with your dreams, working hard, not fearing failure and to always keep after it. Surrounding yourself with people who love and support you as well as mentors to help get you to the next level in life. I hope you find inspiration in his story and it helps impact your life for the better. Thank you for listening! Make sure to share, repost and give us a positive rating in iTunes or wherever you may listen. Video of this interview is also available on our "Life's Black Belts" YouTube channel. You can learn more about KS Woodcraft and even place a custom order for your home and business as well. All info and links are below. Website: Instagram: @KS_Woodcraft Facebook: @KSwoodcraft House:
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