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Episode # 19 - Joel W. Hawbaker
October 21, 2018 Joel Hawbaker

Today's Life's Black Belt guest is Joel W. Hawbaker.  Joel is a Real Life Leader: husband, father, award-winning high school teacher and soccer coach in Alabama. In addition, Joel is a public speaker and the author of "Inverted Leadership:Lead Others Better By Forgetting About Yourself" which is available on Amazon

Joel talks about life, career and family.  Meeting his future wife young and then having his two daughters.   However he was a little too focused on his teaching career and coaching soccer.  He discusses getting divorced, which caused him to focus on improving himself, while learning how to balance his life out in a more productive way.  He stresses how important it was for him to maintain a healthy friendship with his ex wife so that the focus of their relationship could remain on what was best for their daughters. Both Joel and his ex are remarried and maintaining of positive and loving environment for their new family dynamic is essential for him. His life experience as a teacher, coach, father, husband and man of faith led him to author his first book, "Inverted Leadership."

Since writing his book, Joel continues to engage in public speaking tours to help inspire others around him.  He is working on a 2nd book now.  He still teaches, coaches and speaks in front of many groups teaching them about his experiences so that they too may become a more impactful leader in life.  I think you will find our conversation very inspiring. 

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